Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a term used to describe a range of genetic conditions that result in muscles weakening over a period of time. It often begins by targeting specific muscles and if left untreated, will continue to affect the body on a much wider scale, affecting a range of different muscle groups.

The most common condition is Duchenne MD. This usually affects children during early childhood and affects boys significantly more than girls, with the symptoms being more severe. The second most common type of MD is Myotonic MD. This affects about 1 in every 8000 people and has similar effects that Duchenne MD.

Muscular Dystrophy

Our Services

Muscular Dystrophy can significantly impact your daily life, especially if your conditions begin to worsen over time. It is crucial that you receive the right in home care and support for your condition. At Live Life Care, we can provide you with a specially tailored program, designed to help you live the most independent life that you can. Services for in home care of people with MD include:

Social Support

  • From our experience over the years, we have learnt that in many cases, our clients will enjoy the provision of social support. When you have muscular dystrophy, it is common to feel lonely. We want to change this, by providing you with a range of social support services, each designed to show that you are loved and cared for by others. At Live Life Care, we want you to know that with our staff you’re getting more than just someone to support you. You are getting someone who is your friend.

Nursing Services

  • Our nursing services are designed to make your experience with us as stress-free and relaxing as possible. When diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, you mayl be required to take a range of medications that will help you with recovery and reducing symptoms. Our nursing services will not only remind you of your medicine, but can also help you to administer it. Our past experience has shown that for many people medicine administration can be a stressful experience. Our services are designed to put your mind at ease, answering any questions you may have and making the administration process as simple and smooth as possible.


  • At Live Life Care, we understand that you may want to spend time out of your home. We believe that your disability shouldn’t limit your life. We promote outdoor activities as much as possible and provide a transportation service to get you from one location to the other. Whether you would like to go shopping, need to pick up medication, or would simply like some fresh air, our transportation services can help.

Personal Care

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality personal care services in the in home care sector. Our personal care services focus entirely on your condition. All of our personal care services will be specially tailored to meet your exact needs around the home. We will work directly with you to find how we can best support you and your family members in order to provide the best experience possible.

Meal Preparation

  • As part of our services, we provide the option of meal preparation for you. Our staff will help you to prepare and cook meals based on your personal taste preferences. At Live Life Care, we understand that cooking can often be difficult for people with MD, which caused a number of physical limitations. We help to take away the stress from cooking, by doing it for you!

Domestic Assistance

  • Our domestic assistance services are specifically designed to help you with your everyday household chores. We understand that physical limitations can hold you back within your home. All of our staff are very understanding of this, and will help you around your home. Whether you need help cleaning your home or your clothes, or you need us to help you pay off any bills that you may have, our staff are happy to help.