Down Syndrome

At Live Life Care, we don’t think that having down syndrome should hold you back in life. It has now been proven that people with down syndrome are capable of living relatively independent lives, with the right help and support. Our In home care support services can be specially tailored to meet your specific needs.

Down Syndrome

Our Services

All of our staff are trained to have a vast understanding of down syndrome. They understand the common symptoms and their experience has taught them how to best deal with a range of different situations. This allows them to help you and your loved ones with a range of excellent care services.

Personal Care for Down Syndrome

  • We can provide you with a range of personal care services aimed at helping you throughout everyday life. We understand that living with down syndrome can be difficult at times. We make sure to help you throughout your day with anything that you may need.

Meal Preparation for Down Syndrome

  • Living with down syndrome may limit the foods that you are able to eat. At Live Life Care, we provide you and your loved ones with meal preparation services based around your diet. We can provide you with a range of healthy but delicious dishes, designed at tasting great, while also providing for all of your nutritional needs.

Domestic Assistance for Down Syndrome

  • Our domestic assistance services are designed to help you around the home. We understand that living with down syndrome can make domestic tasks difficult. Whether you need help cooking, cleaning or you’re in need of maintenance around your home, we can help.

Social Support for Down Syndrome

  • At Live Life Care, we understand the need for social interaction no matter your situation. We provide a range of social support services that help make sure that you stay in touch with your family and friends. Our staff are also on board to help you socially. They are there for you if you need to talk or have something on your mind. We want you to see our staff as friends, not just carers.

Nursing for Down Syndrome

  • Living with down syndrome often means that you will have certain medications to take. Our staff can help to ensure that you take all of your medications at the right time to ensure you are in the best health you can be. We also provide you with administration services, that will help you to administer your medication for you. This helps to provide you with a stress free experience.

Transportation for People with Down Syndrome

  • Our staff also provide you with transportation services that can get you from one location to another. This is useful if you are unable to drive and need to pick up medication, need to go shopping or would just like to visit family.

No matter your needs, Live Life Care can be on hand to help. Our team are available 24 hours a day.

Whether you’re at home, at work or with our staff, we guarantee that we can help.