Causes of Autism

Causes of

Autism usually occurs early in your development during childhood. It is often noticed early on in a child's life, at which point additional assistance may be required by parents and caregivers. As you begin to cognitively develop, you may begin to show signs of autism in the way that you speak and interact with others. Autism itself can result in a number of symptoms that can be managed through additional care and support services.

Symptoms of

There are many symptoms directly associated with autism and many that can also be a side effect. All of which, can have a direct contribution to the quality and ease of yours and your child's life.

The main symptoms of autism are:

  • Issues regarding social communications
  • Restricted and limited behaviours.
  • Behaviours that are deemed strange to others, as well as repetitive.

These symptoms will be displayed:

  • Issues regarding social communications
  • Restricted and limited behaviours.
  • Behaviours that are deemed strange to others, as well as repetitive.

One of the main symptoms associated with autism, is the difficulty shown with verbal and non-verbal communication (social cues).

Here are some of the situations that people living with autism may have difficulty with:

  • A range of spoken languages
  • Gestures (both body and face)
  • Voice tones
  • Ability to recognise emotions in others
  • Expressing your own emotion
  • Eye contact with others
  • Feeling overwhelmed and avoiding social situations
  • Displaying restrictive and repetitive behaviours
  • Repetitive body movements (such as rocking or tapping)
  • Repetitive actions with objects (such as flicking pens and paper)
  • Resistance to change in terms of a daily routine
In Home Care Support

In Home Care

At Live Life Care, we believe that autism does not have to restrict your life. Many people can live a mostly independent life, in which they can interact with others and work a normal job. However, some people may need more support than others, depending on the extent to which their autism affects them.

We provide a range of in home care support services for autism, specially tailored around your exact needs and requirements. Our services can help you with activities in the home that you may struggle with as well as help with improving the quality of life for those who have autism. We can also help you to organise and set up a routine that will help you to maintain a schedule.


We understand that living with autism can be difficult at times, especially in many social situations. As a result, we can provide you or your loved ones with a range of different therapies, all of which are designed to help clients better understand social situations and cues.

  • Our therapy sessions will focus on developing your social awareness. With a member of our team, we will work directly with you to develop a greater understanding of social situations. This will be specially tailored to use your strengths to develop your weaknesses. For example, we will help you to better understand facial expressions and better understand the emotions that people are showing. We will do this within the comfort of your own home. That way, you can work and learn in a relaxed environment, then apply the techniques and new knowledge that you have learnt in social situations outside of the home.
  • No matter what you struggle with, our friendly team will be on hand to help. Whether you are at home, school or work, we can provide people living with autism with the support that they need to live a happy, independent life.