NDIS Provider

At Live Life Care, we are a registered NDIS provider. NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This is an independent body, designed to improve and maintain the quality of NDIS support services. They do this through a range of schemes that help to investigate and resolve problems, as well as improve the skills and knowledge of providers all around Australia.

In the past year alone, the NDIS has increased government spending on disability support by almost $22 billion a year. This money is currently helping around 460,000 participants each year, with the number growing over time. This allows us as an NDIS registered company to support more people in Australia with their disabilities.

NDIS Provider

Aims of NDIS

The main aim of the NDIS, is to change the ways in which we support people with disabilities in Australia. It uses an approach that focuses on long term benefits of care as well as providing people with access to higher quality care, should they need it.

The NDIS can help people in two main ways.


Firstly, it can provide people with disabilities with a range of choices regarding their funding as well as more control over the support they receive. By having more control over their finances and support, disabled people can better tailor their services around their own needs.


The second way in which the NDIS can help, is by setting targets and objectives to meet their goals. Throughout this scheme, people will be provided with a range of support services that will allow them to meet their goals. By doing this, we believe that people can live higher quality lives, in which they are happy and independent as possible.

Benefits of NDIS

At Live Life Care, we believe that there are many benefits of being an NDIS provider. By being an NDIS provider, we can help more people on a scale that we have never seen before. Here are the ways in which we believe being an NDIS provider can help you:


Support for more people

Through the help from the NDIS body, we believe that we can reach a larger range of people, which will allow us to provide more help and support to those in need. NDIS will allow us to provide for a whole new group of people, that beforehand we would not have been able to help.

Tailored programs

Being an NDIS provider, allows us to tailor our support programmes around you. We can base all of our support around your exact needs and also provide you with control over the way in which you pay for our services.


Higher quality support

Through the extra funds that the NDIS provides, our staff can undergo more training that will allow them to better tailor for your exact needs. They will be able to provide even higher quality care and support, which will help to improve your overall experience with us.