Stroke Home Care

At Live Life Care, we understand that having a stroke can significantly impact your lifestyle. A stroke, no matter the cause can result in dramatic changes to your life, having an impact on both your physical and cognitive abilities.

Stroke Assessment

Our Services

Our stroke care services are based around your exact needs and can be provided for you within the comfort of your own home. Our specialist staff will work directly with you and your loved ones to develop a care plan focused around your exact needs, lifestyle and daily routines. We will ensure that you will have a regular carer who will tend to your care needs, while also trying to rehabilitate you back into normal life.

Personal Care for Stroke Patients

  • At Life Live Care, we understand that life can be difficult following a stroke. You may have little energy and personal care can become strenuous at times. Our services are designed to make your personal life and simple and easy as possible. All our services are specially tailored around you and your lifestyle to ensure that we can help in any way possible.

Meal Preparation for Stroke Patients

  • Our team can also offer a range of meal preparation services, designed at providing you with a balanced diet. We understand that cooking can be difficult at times, which is where our meal preparation services can help. We will tailor our meals around your tastes and preferences, while also ensuring that you are eating a nutritional diet.

Domestic Assistance for Stroke Patients

  • Our domestic assistance services are designed to help you around the home. We understand that life after a stroke can change the way in which you live at home. Our domestic assistance services are specially designed around your life. We can help you around the home, whether you need assistance cooking, cleaning or general maintenance, we can help.

Social Support for Stroke Patients

  • At Live Life Care, we understand the need for social interaction in your life. We want you to know that our staff are also here for you. When getting support from Live Life Care, you are not only working with a carer, but also a friend.

Nursing Services for Stroke Patients

  • Should you need to take any medication or you are in need of any nursing services, our staff will be on hand to help. They can help you to administer any medication that you may need to take, as well as remind you of the times that they need to be taken. This service is designed to make any nursing services that you need as simple and smooth as possible.

Transportation for Stroke Patients

  • Our staff also provide you with transportation services that can get you from one location to another. This is useful if you are unable to drive as we can help you to pick up any medication that you may need, take you shopping or help you to visit family and friends.

No matter your needs, Live Life Care can be on hand to help.

Our team are available 24 hours a day. Whether you’re at home, at work or with our staff, we guarantee that we can help.