Private Home Care

Private Home Care

If you believe that you or a loved one may benefit from additional help in their own home, then private home care may be the way. Private home care helps provide a range of specialist services, all in one place. Private home care increases the independence of our clients and helps them to remain in their homes longer, without the need for permanent or temporary care outside of their familiar environments.

Private home care, ihelps people who might benefit from additional assistance to carry out daily tasks. This may be due to a range of issues from an inability to function completely independently, disability, illness, injury to aging. There are many benefits of private home care, some of which we will discuss below.

Benefits of
Private Home Care

Depending on the person, private home care may be a better option for them than moving into a care facility. There are a number of benefits to both options, all of which depend on the person themselves.

Some people may be happier by remaining in there home and getting access to additional assistance as and when they need it. It is important to understand the situation and unique needs of each person and to design a care plan that will give them the best possible quality of life and ensure that they continue to live as independently as possible.

Here are the main benefits of private home care:

Benefit 1


Sometimes a little help is all that is needed to improve the safety of somebody who is living with an illness, disability or injury. People with these conditions sometimes suffer a heightened risk to personal safety, so having an in home carer to provide additional support is needed.

Benefit 2

Out of Hours Assistance

At Live Life care, we can provide out of hours assistance both as part of a standard care plan as well as in unique situations. Our team can be on hand 24 hours a day to help your loved ones whenever they need it. Professional support can be provided for them throughout the day and night to make sure they are in good health both physically and mentally.

Benefit 3

Social Support

In most cases we can help your loved ones to have the opportunity to socialise with others as a part of a health care plan. For so many people living with an injury, illness or disability, maintaining a healthy social life can be challenging. Our team can help coordinate social activities, transportation and supervision during social outings which we believe dramatically improve the quality of life of our clients.