What is
palliative care?

Palliative care is for people who have an illness or condition that can't be cured. It is specially designed to provide the highest levels of comfort for someone. This is to help them manage the pain that they are going through, as well as limit the effect of any symptoms.

At Live Life Care, we deal with palliative care using a holistic approach. Our services not only focus on your condition, but also help with the psychological, social and health support that you and your family and carers need. This helps us to not only help with your illness and symptoms, but also help your family and carers deal with the emotional side of the illness.

Unlike many common beliefs, palliative care isn’t just for the end of someone's life. It is possible to receive palliative care earlier in your illness when the symptoms are not yet at their worst. This care can be provided alongside other therapies that are helping to treat your condition.

Our Palliative Team

Our palliative team is made up of a range of various care professionals. They help coordinate with one and other to take care of you and your illness. They can also provide advice to other specialists, which allows them to create and design an all-round tailored experience for you.

Our team can provide you with the care you need to continue to live your life as independently and comfortably as possible. Each situation is unique in its own way, all of which can benefit from end of life care. No matter how long is left, our care is designed to make the last few days, months or years as peaceful, relaxed and happy as possible.

Our Service

All of our palliative care services are designed to be based at your home. We believe that your home is the place in which you will feel most comfortable and can spend time with your friends and family. We understand that these times are difficult for everyone involved. They can have a significant psychological impact on everyone involved, which is why our services are designed around the whole family. Here are the ways in which our service can help.

Support for the terminally ill

We understand that living with a terminal illness is difficult for the patient as well as their loved ones. This is why we provide a range of support services for the terminally ill. These services are designed to provide care and comfort throughout the whole experience and is focused on helping with relieving pain and symptoms as much as possible, to provide you with the care and comfort you need to optimise your quality of life.

Support for the family

Terminal illness can also have a significant impact on families. Our services are also designed to provide you and your family with a range of psychological support. We want to support you throughout your entire experience, as well as provide your family with ongoing help and support.