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Live Life Care is a health and wellbeing service provider.
We connect you with the services you need,
so you can live a full and dignified life.

Live Life Care

Whether it’s weekly shopping, medication management or just a bit of help around the home, our trusted team provides stress-free support that’s respectful and always on time.

We manage both private and government funded services and can help you work out your entitlements under the ACAT assessment scheme. We’ll even lend a hand with the application process if that’s what you need.

With more than three decades of experience, we understand the evolving challenges faced by people needing support. So talk to us today for a better life tomorrow.

Welcome to Live Life Care. At Live Life Care, we provide a range of specially tailored designed to improve your quality of life and provide assistance in managing your illness or disability. Over the past three decades, we have developed a strong reputation as a leading care and wellbeing provider. We help to connect people with the services that can help them most, allowing them to live their most fulfilling lives. We have developed strong relationships with a range of both private and government-funded services, which allows us to tailor our services to best meet your personal needs and the needs of your loved ones.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide only the best, industry leading wellbeing services, that not only help people in their daily lives but change their lives entirely for the better.

Our Services

Personal Care

Meal Preparation


Domestic Assistance


Social Support





All of our services are personalised to meet your exact needs. No matter your medical condition, illness or disability, our staff will do everything in their power to make your life as stress-free and convenient as possible. Our services cover a range of responsibilities from cooking and cleaning around your home, to transportation and various personal care assistance.

With over 30 years in the wellbeing industry, our team have built up a vast depth of knowledge, that allows them to deal with many in home care situations in a unique and personalised manor. No matter your needs at the time, our carers will work efficiently and effectively to provide you with the service that you need. Our services cover a range of wellbeing practices including:

Personal Care

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality personal in home care services in the Brisbane market. Our services focus entirely on you and your loved ones. We understand how much you love your family and as a result, we understand that only the best care is suitable for them. All of our personal care services will be specially tailored to meet the exact needs and take into account the unique impact that living with an illness, injury or disability is having on your happiness and wellbeing. We will work directly with you to find how we can best support you and your family members in order to provide the best experience possible.

Meal Preparation

  • As part of our services, we provide the option of meal preparation for all of our clients. Our staff will help you to prepare and cook meals based on your personal taste preferences. At Live Life Care, we understand that cooking can often be difficult for many people, especially if you have physical limitations. We help to take away the stress from cooking, by doing it for you! Our staff make sure to cook meals that you love and enjoy, using ingredients that you have chosen for them.

Domestic Assistance

  • Our domestic assistance services are specifically designed to help you with your everyday household chores. We understand that illness or physical limitations can hold you back within your home. All of our staff are very understanding of this, and will help you around your home with whatever you could possibly need. Whether you need help cleaning your home or your clothes, or you need us to help you pay off any bills that you may have, our staff are happy to help.

Social Support

  • From our experience over the years, we have learnt that in many cases, our clients will enjoy the provision of social support. When you are ill or have a disability, it is common to feel like an outsider to other people. We want to change this, by providing you with a range of social support services, each designed to show that you are loved and cared for by others. At Live Life Care, we want you to know that with our staff you’re getting more than just someone to support you. You are getting someone who is your friend.

Nursing Services

  • Our nursing services are designed to make your experience with us as stress-free and relaxing as possible. With many illnesses and disabilities, you may be required to take a range of medications that will help you with recovery and reducing symptoms. Our nursing services will not only remind you of your medicine, but can also help you to administer it. Our past experience has shown that for many people medicine administration can be a stressful experience. Our services are designed to put your mind at ease, answering any questions you may have and making the administration process as simple and smooth as possible.


  • At Live Life Care, we understand that you may want to spend time out of your home. We believe that your illness or disability shouldn’t limit your life. We promote outdoor activities as much as possible and provide a transportation service to get you from one location to the other. Whether you would like to go shopping, need to pick up medication, or would simply like some fresh air, our transportation services can help.


We understand that getting access to adequate support and in home care services can be expensive for an individual and their family. As a result, our services are designed to provide you with an experience that can help take care of you in the most cost effective way possible. If you are above the age of 65, you have the option to apply for a range of government subsidies through My Aged Care. Upon your application, you will have the option of two types of assessment:

This assessment is designed for people with lower care needs, however, could still use more assistance around the home.

This assessment is designed for people who have higher care needs, and as a result will need a coordinated plan to help them with their care.

Government Subsidies

If you are over 65, you apply for government subsidies through My Aged Care. You can call or submit an online application to request an assessment by one of the My Aged Care team.


Should you have any questions or queries regarding any of the services that we provide, please feel free to contact us directly via email or our contact number.

Our friendly staff will be on hand to provide you with any answers that you should need.

No matter your funding plan,
Live Life Care will be on hand to provide you with all the help and support that you need.